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How to Market Karting


Understand what people want

People don’t like being told what to do and when to do it. Marketing is about looking at karting from the point of view of the individual, and learning to understand what he/she wants from it and how these needs can be met. Think about what barriers there are for people joining our clubs. Is it lack of time, the cost of membership or the fact that people consider alternative activities more fun?

Make karting fun, easy and popular

Any karting activities that involve spending time with friends and family are very appealing to people.

Emphasise the social side of karting and how much fun it can be being part of a karting team or karting with your family. Most people accept that any sport is a lot more fun when it’s sociable, and because of this, more people are likely to take part.

Recommended marketing tools

Keep it simple and utilise the full range of tools that are available, from using the media to running events.


Select the tools that will best reach the people you want to encourage to join your club. When promoting sport, it is important to use images that people can relate to, so they feel included from the start.


And finally, don’t forget to make the most of the technology that is available. Your website and email campaigns are effective, low cost and immediate ways of communicating to existing and potential members.

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