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Raise the Profile of your KNSW Club

Before you start selecting the most appropriate marketing tools to use to grow your karting club, you need to think about the following:


What are your clubs values?

Your club’s values or ‘personality’ are the things that will attract people (or put them off) joining your club. Your karting club should include values such as fun, safe, social and professional. These values need to be expressed in everything your club does, from writing letters to how a volunteer interacts with your members. 

What are your clubs unique selling points?

Think about the quality of your service and ways that you can improve it.


What feedback have you received from members?

Make sure to promote any local business or community achievements.


What sort of people do you want joining your club?

Think about the people who live in your local area. Is there a large number of a certain age group or are there are lot of young families? Do you want to increase the number of junior or senior karters?

What key message do you want to include in your promotional material?

What one thing would you want to get across to the public? What aspect of your karting club do you feel is particularly strong? Is it the number of members you have, or maybe the social aspects and the friendly atmosphere within the club?


Are your membership fees realistic and competitive?

Can people realistically afford your membership? Is this proving a barrier for some people joining your club? Are you competitive with clubs who offer a similar service?


How do people find you?

Ensure that you are listed within local community directories  and any online club databases. Check with your Local Authority and Regional Sports/Communities to make sure your club’s details are included on their online directories.


What do you want to achieve from marketing?

Outline the specific goals that you want to achieve from marketing. For example - “I want 20 new members to join our club as a result of the open day we are running. Because it’s likely that only 25 percent of those attending the open day will join, we need 80 people to attend”.


Going into this much detail will help you decide how many people you will need to target and the marketing tools to use to achieve this.

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