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Safety at your Club

Volunteers perform an essential range of activities across many areas of our communities without pay or reward. In some circumstances work health and safety laws apply to volunteers and volunteer associations.


In New South Wales, Volunteers are regarded as “workers” under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

When WHS laws apply 

Often a volunteer association includes paid workers.

If your volunteer association employs a paid worker, you have work health and safety duties and obligations, including a primary duty of care, to all your workers and volunteers.

In this case, both workers and volunteers have health and safety obligations at work. This includes taking reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others.

When WHS laws don’t apply to volunteers

If your volunteer association is a group of volunteers working together for one or more community purposes and your association has no paid employees, the WHS laws do not apply to your association.

However, it is still a good idea for all volunteers and volunteer associations to comply with WHS laws by:

  • taking reasonable care for their own health and safety

  • take reasonable care of the health and safety of others

  • follow any reasonable instructions or procedures given by their volunteer association.

Further information about your KNSW Clubs' obligations is available here.

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