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Track & Grounds Maintenance

The NSW Office of Sport issues licences under delegation of the Minister for Sport, authorising the holding of motor vehicle race meetings at prescribed grounds.

Licences are issued for a period of up to 12 months pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Sports (Public Safety) Act 1985  and the Motor Vehicle Sports (Public Safety) Regulation 2015.

The conditions of the Licences issued include, amongst other requirements, that the KNSW Club:-

  • must provide and maintain serviceable fire-fighting appliances for the type of motor vehicle racing conducted at the ground

  • must maintain all fences and other safety devices constructed at the ground in such condition as is necessary to ensure that they provide the protection they are designed to provide 

  • must provide and maintain sanitary accommodation for both sexes in such quantity and at such a standard as are satisfactory to the local council.

We recommend that each KNSW Club familiarise themselves with the terms of their Licences and work together with KNSW to ensure ongoing compliance and maintenance of both track, grounds and amenities.

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