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Running your Club's Canteen

A KNSW Club that sells food for fundraising purposes is a ‘food business’ under the Food Act 2003 (NSW).

The food safety requirements in the Food Standards Code applies to their food activities, including the preparation and transport of food for sale.

General requirements for selling food Under the Food Standards Code and Food Act 2003, any group or individual that sells food (whether for charity or not) must follow good hygiene and food handling practices, including proper construction and maintenance of the food premises, so that food being served is as safe as possible.

The requirements include areas such as:

• temperature control

• protecting food from contaminants

• hand washing

• cleaning and sanitising

• pest control

While KNSW Clubs need to comply with the food safety requirements in the legislation, KNSW Clubs are not required to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor or  notify their business/food activities to the relevant authorities in certain circumstances.

See key tips  provided by the NSW Food Authority.

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